Going Beyond Time Mangement

Our productivity programs teach principles, tools & practices for working on what’s most important, feeling accomplished, cutting stress and staying connected.  Workshops can be customized to solve your individual or team challenges. If needed, we can deliver in-service training to support your entire enterprise.

Going Beyond Time Management (GBTM) – Workshop

 The purpose if the GBTM workshop is to provide the principles, tools and practices for managing everything there is for you to do or handle, more effectively, while decreasing overwhelm and stress.

Module One: The Existing Productivity Paradigm, Work Practices & Habits

  1. The existing ‘productivity paradigm’
  2. The increasing speed, volume, and complexity of work
  3. Work Habits; what is a work habit?
    1.  What are your work habits?
    2. How do they impede your productivity?
  4. Releasing Obsolete Habits;  ‘Trying to get it all done and letting things slide’

 Module Two: A Productivity Makeover, Tools & Practices

  1. What is your current structure for managing everything there is for you to do? How would you characterize it?
  2. Tools and Practices for Updating your ‘Existence System’;
    1.  Using a ‘Capture Tool’ for Managing and Tracking Ideas, Promises and Communications
    2. Calendaring for productivity: Task-Centric vs. Calendar-Centric Work Practices
    3. Using ‘Agendas’ for managing people & projects
    4. Effective Email Practices

Module Three: Implementation

  1. What to Expect after the workshop
  2. Pitfalls, Questions & Concerns
  3. Coaching and Support