Extraordinary Customer Service

Extraordinary Customer Service: Transforming Conflict into Cooperation


Principles, tools and practices for effectively dealing with demanding patients, collections, stress, and other service problems

Break through the limits of everyday, common communication. Participants at this interactive workshop will learn how to identify and remove the barriers to delivering exciting, extraordinary service, day in and day out. Attendees will be given the tools, including forms, letters, scripts, and practices that lead to enhanced communication with patients and co-workers alike. Participants’ should also expect increased productivity, a reduction in patient issues, and an enhanced sense of teamwork. Transform conflict into cooperation. Learn how to effectively deal with demanding patients, communication breakdowns, stress and other service problems unique to healthcare.The way in which human beings communicate is both useful and limiting; we call that ‘everyday-common communication’. In this program participants have an opportunity to explore their own patterns of communication and behaviors that lead to conflict, argument or stress. Participants are enabled, perhaps for the first time, to be responsible for the ways in which they to speak and listen that tends toward the same unwanted outcomes.

Special attention is focused on our common everyday way of relating’; derived from the past. Individuals complete a powerful exercise that enables them to listen beyond their bias, or assumptions. With this awareness, participants naturally update old speech/listening habits and gain new capacities for communicating. They leave the program with work practices and exercises for maintaining and accessing extraordinary communication, anywhere and any time.

Participants will be able to:

• Define 10 service expectations for your team including; first impressions, telephone techniques, reception, and handling complaints

• Powerfully create your personal service mission and accountability statement

• Take away tools for handling breakdowns & conflict

• Role play using practical applications and practice in the real world

• Understand the 3 key principles necessary for delivering consistent remarkable service

• Learn how communication habits undermine your ability to be of service

• Take away 5 powerful practices for transforming service breakdown

• Build skills by identifying the habits, attitudes, and behaviors that throw you off course

• Begin to master the service protocols for managers and Patient pleasing techniques for providers

“Real-life examples that I will begin using in all our departments immediately. I have not attended a more informative session in a very long time”

Joanne Adam, Office Manager, New Brunswick, NJ

“I am going to have a staff meeting  and talk about you and your Extraordinary Customer Service.  I only wish I could have captured the “feeling” in the room that we had when you presented this to the Practice Management Institute.  This was the best training I have ever gone to! Thank you for being who you “ARE” and for being there in San Antonio for that wonderful presentation about Customer Service.”

Sherry Kennerley Walton, Office Manager-OBGYN Women’s Care Health Center Clinic Reneaux