Keynote Topics

Keynotes are typically 60 – 120 minutes in length. All topics are time flexible and can be presented as a general session, breakout or in a one half or full day workshop.

“Is Too Much Technology Making Us Stupid?”

Today’s world is all about speed and gathering information, superficial or otherwise.  How does that affect our ability to comprehend, focus and enjoy our lives and do our work? What are the internet & technology doing to our brains?  What can you do to take care of your well-being, save your sanity and bring focus and energy back to your life? We’ll share principles, and practices for more effectively living and working in the face of too much technology, and information overload.  Oh yeah, we’ll also laugh at ourselves over how stupid we can be using technology, smart phones and all! 

 “If healthcare is about well being, then why am I so stressed out?”

The purpose of healthcare is to alleviate suffering and increase well being. And yet, vast numbers of clinicians, administrators and medical staff are feeling over stressed, overwhelmed, over tired and burned out. Sick, distressed employees are prone to poor diet, lack of exercise, low energy and depression. How can healthcare workers radiate healing, positive energy if they themselves are not feeling it? Those are some of the critical questions we address in this lively, energizing, interactive presentation. We’ll explore individual and collective sources of stress and share best practices for exchanging anxiety, negativity and stress for relaxation, focus and greater well being!

“21st Century Productivity: Going Beyond Time Management”

Working in the 21st Century is tougher. We’re deluged with information, troubled by impossible deadlines, and overwhelmed by high-spiraling expectations. No matter how well organized we are, we simply can’t get it all done. The 20th Century techniques for personal productivity – approaches that were developed more than 30 years ago – are simply insufficient for the demands of today’s work environment.

If you’re desk looks like an ‘explosion of post it notes, to do lists and nagging piles of stuff that you need to get to’ – you will love this presentation! Learn new work habits and walk away with new tools for dealing powerfully with the flood of demands, tasks, activities, problems and opportunities coming at you – leaving leave you more confident, focused and effective.

“Connection, Collaboration & Creativity in a World Gone Wired”

In today’s highly interdependent world, individuals, teams and companies can no longer resolve many of their problems by themselves. Simply said, we need one another and we need the support to stay connected and focused on what matters most, at work and in life!

Our modern world offers many powerful, useful tools for improving productivity and staying connected through technology. Yet there is a downside to this new work environment; too many us feel overwhelmed, over stressed and frankly, too busy! Feeling stressed and fragmented can and does impede performance, diminish teamwork and take its toll on our well being.

In this lively interactive presentation, we’ll explore principles and best practices for enhancing productivity with greater focus and less stress, individually and collectively. We’ll also share practices for building teamwork and collaboration with an integrated approach, heartfelt, authentic, and mission driven.

“Why Am I Doing This?”

Ever wonder “why am I doing this job?!” Remember how excited you once were – looking forward to the challenges ahead? What happened? Over time, many of us loose our passion or enthusiasm. We get worn down by the work; we simply are not present to the possibility or opportunity of our work. In this breakthrough presentation you will explore powerful new ways to think about work & personal obligations, and all the stuff “you haffta do”.

When you get to the heart of the matter – the source of why you do what you do – it will move & inspire you. Learn practices for transforming burdens, obligations, and tasks into purposeful, meaningful goals that leave you feeling accomplished, energized, & looking forward.