Downloads; Workbooks & Power Points


Connection, Collaboration & Creativity in a World Gone Wired

A new model for productivity that is holistic nature; a ‘whole person’ approach that is organized to help you feel more connected, with yourself and others.

Going Beyond Time Management

Principles and practices for dealing with demands, tasks and opportunities; working on what’s most important with focus and relaxation.

Is too much technology making us stupid?

What the internet & technology are doing to our brains – what you can do to save your sanity and bring focus and energy back to your life!

“If healthcare is about well being, then why am I so stressed out?”

Workbook includes principles, practices, and tools for increasing productivity, handling email, and cutting stress!

Extraordinary Customer Service

Service Principles, tools and practices for effectively dealing with demanding patients, collections, stress, and other service problems

Inhale, Exhale, Email…Tips for effectively handling email

Do you have an alarm (visual or audio) set up to notify you when a new e-mail arrives and then interrupt whatever you are doing to check your e-mail throughout the day? Do you store all your e-mail in your in-box until you deal with it? Do you habitually cc: everyone on your outbound messages?