There’s a New Wolf in Town

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The sheer speed, volume, and ready access to information, anywhere and anytime presents us with unique unprecedented challenges when it comes to what we choose to ‘feed our psyche.  This, it seems, is the ‘new wolf in town’. Aggressive, cunning, and stealthy, this wolf has an insatiable need for constant stimulation, wreaking havoc on our nervous systems and peace of mind.  This wolf wants us do more, keep busy 24/7 and 365; checking and rechecking  email, texting,  buying the latest whatever, joining social networks (simply to have more ‘friends’) and,  perhaps worst of all,...

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The Machine Doesn’t Care

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We are living in an extraordinary time, in the very infancy of the technological revolution. The breakthroughs and positive benefits of living in our ‘techno-world’ are wide ranging and touch every area of our lives, from communications and entertainment to science and medicine. 21st century technology is also changing our perspectives on what’s possible and our potential to make a difference at home, at work, in our communities, and the world. We also know from our own experience that computers and technological devices, all of which are designed to make us more productive and...

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What You Don’t Know May Save Your Life

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As a professional speaker I work hard to make sure my presentations are lively, entertaining, and valuable. My goal is to ‘wow’ my audience.   Twenty years experience, working with live audiences, has ‘taught’ me more than a few things about how to deliver powerful presentations. Over time, however, ‘wowing’ the audience, has become formulaic and fundamentally about getting the right reactions. I’ve gotten pretty good at it, so why should I mess with it now? In order to insulate myself from my fears and insecurities associated with being a public speaker (of which there are...

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Too Much Stuff?

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The late, great comic George Carlin wrote a very funny bit called ‘a place for my stuff’. He spoke about people needing ‘a place for my stuff’- because they had too much stuff – which then drove the need to have larger and larger places to keep all your stuff – which, naturally led to the need to fill those places with more and more stuff. And so on. These days it seems like I’m feeling ‘stuffed’ not just from food but from everything around me. It seems like a spend a lot of mental energy trying to keep all my stuff organized, sorted, cleaned, or stored. As I write this...

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The Dark Side of Leadership

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We all have a leadership role of one form or another. Many of us are leaders in our organizations.  We have management responsibilities that require us to effectively lead people as individuals, in teams, or across the entire enterprise. Some of us hold leadership roles in our communities, churches, homeowners associations, or volunteer groups. And, of course, there are the leadership roles we have at home, as parents, manager’s household budgets, or vacation planners. Like it or not, we are counted on to be effective leaders at work, at home, and in life! Early ‘Leadership’...

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Inhale, Exhale, Email…Tips for effectively handling email

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I guess it was about three years ago that I began my day with my usual routine of checking my email. For whatever reason, on this particular day, I felt sick and totally overwhelmed by so many unanswered, incomplete communications, sitting in my inbox, demanding my attention. My brain hurt. I was dizzy from days, weeks and months of reacting and responding to emails, working on electronic documents, and, in general spending too much face time with plasma screens. It seemed as if my emails were mocking me, “me first…no, me first…but I was here first!” I’m barely beginning my day and...

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