We work with individuals, teams, and organizations in order to elevate performance, quality, and personal fulfillment. Our keynotes, workshops, and retreats focus on productivity, teamwork, communication, and customer service. Designed for adult learners, training programs are multi-disciplinary, integrating best practices and knowledge from the world of business, technology, science, and philosophy.

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Jerry Bridge

Jerry Bridge, founder and president of LifeWorks Education, is a trainer, coach and motivational speaker. Over the past twenty years, Jerry has trained and spoken for tens of thousands of executives, business managers, administrators, and staff on a variety of issues including customer service and communication, stress management and productivity, billing and collections.

Jerry comes from a family of comedians and musicians, He’s performed as a stand up comic, so his programs are always a good mix of value, motivation, inspiration, and fun. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife Joy and cat Max.