Integration & Collaboration

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Integration & Collaboration

I’m working on a special program for the North Carolina Health Information Management Association. It seems there is an interest in helping them to deal more effectively with the tremendous changes that are occurring not only in healthcare but in life!

So, my contact at NCHIMA and I came up with the title: ‘Integration and Collaboration in Times of Great Change.’ This title seemed to fit nicely with their theme and capture the essence of what people might be able to take from my talk. Now, all I had to do was figure out what I was going to say!

Now, don’t get me wrong, sometimes I actually have the programs worked out ahead of time. But to be really honest I really enjoy the challenge of creating something alive, organic, and in tune with what’s needed for this group and in this time. So, as I say, this integration and collaboration talk is something I’m working on and creating as I write this article.

As with most programs that I write, I try and draw from many sources; relevant books, articles, business partners, consultants and personal experience. This seems to work well, particularly given this topic!

Sometimes I like to get clear on the definitions of key words.  For example:

  • Integrate – to bring together or incorporate into a coordinated, harmonious whole;
  • Collaborate: something created by working jointly with another or others

Ironically, what I’ve discovered about myself  in putting the program together is the degree to which I don’t feel integrated,, harmonious, or collaborative! For example, as of this writing I am late getting the power point program and workbook to my contact, Lee. It was due last week and I was I’m ‘mildly stressing’ about. I’m thinking ‘this is not really a big deal, I’ve done this a million times, it always works out, and besides I’m so busy!’

What doesn’t come to my mind immediately is to call Lee and see what the reality is. Do I need to come up with it today? Can I have a few more days? What does he need? How will this impact his plans? No, my tendency is to  separate, isolate, and stress. what a mess!

In other words, my first inclination is definitely NOT towards Collaboration! My habit is just the opposite – an old pattern  – imagine a two year old whining –  ‘I do it myself!’ This leads me to feel stressed and course, fragmented from my contact, my integrity, and my peace of mind!

Now, I know how obvious and  silly this seems in retrospect. And, of course, there have been many, many times when I have made the phone call, or done the thing on time or otherwise worked it out. My point here is that there is no end to the process of self discovery when it comes to the habits that tend to isolate and fragment us. The more I ‘practice self awareness’ the more compassion I have for myself as a human being. In this way, I can help others do the same and deliver an empowering talk that is authentically integrated and collaborative!

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