Something for Valentine’s Day

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Something for Valentine’s Day

My wife is really ‘something’.

Why do I say this and what do I mean? I mean, first of all that I really love her.  We are together now for ten years – in a row!  Given my track record this is a good long run!

At least part of what makes her ‘something’, besides living with me for the past decade, is the fact that we eat together, sleep together, walk most everyday together and, most importantly, negotiate the television channels together (together is used loosely here; in the sense that I agree to watch what she prefers and sometimes we happen to want to watch the same shows, that kind of together.)

Now the real thing I think that makes her something, and for that matter me something too, is the recognition and fact that we are spending our lives together. We are choosing each other, month by month, day by day, and, when the going gets tough, moment by moment.

But, we do choose each other and that is the heart of what makes our relationship something. This is really significant because, as I see it, for any two people to go through life together and work at the business of living, for better or for worse, is something!

She can take my sugar coated BS and give it right back; returning my slams, overheads, underhand’s and lobs, and all without throwing her racquet to the ground or worse,  at me!  (I like using the tennis analogy because it has the word ‘love’ in it. Tennis also employs the use of fault and double fault. But that’s for another message.)

And can I serve up the BS with my well worked racket?   Yes I can!

Is it wrong to feel so much love and appreciation for her ‘simply’ because one of the things that makes her something is knowing how to deal with me and stick with me through thick and thin? No, it is not. In fact, this is a very good quality and I’m happy to have helped her hone her skills in this way.

Now, is any of this what my wife refers to when she says to me “you’re really something, you know it?” I don’t know, although I do feel loved and comforted in knowing that I too am something.

Well, perhaps, together we are something,

Happy Valentine’s Day….Jerry


  1. Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks for sharing!

  2. And they lived happily ever after, on most days. You have summed up what marriage is.

    Thanks Jerry, this is a great message.

  3. Thank you Jerry for your great message. You should feel very lucky you have someone in your life and I hope the next 10 years are just as fun and rewarding! :)

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