A Well Being, at Work

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A Well Being, at Work

I ate too much ice cream last night and my stomach is upset. I’m worried about dad because I’ve recently moved him into a retirement home. I’m stressing about having enough business next year and I feel anxious about all of the uncertainty around politics and the economy. Other than that, I’m fine. Sound familiar?

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to ‘be well’. We’re always asking each other, ‘how’s it going?’ ‘How are you doing?’ If you’re asking me, I am happy to say as of this writing, ‘I’m well, thanks”.

To be able to say ‘I am well’ and really mean it, now that’s something! For me, being completely well means having a healthy and relaxed body, a calm mind, and an energized spirit, a spirit that goes along with doing work that I truly enjoy while helping others.

I admit that I never really thought much about well being in these terms. In fact, for most of my 54 years, being well simply meant that I’d feel more or less tired when I woke up, would have more or less energy during the day, and hopefully, I’d be able to fall asleep at bedtime. That was it.

My life experience has changed my thinking as I’ve gotten a little older and hopefully, wiser; losing a parent, feeling a desire to be as healthy as possible so that I can do the work I love and, hopefully, have the energy to keep up with the grandkids. And so I’ve changed.


I realize now that when I say ‘I’m well’ I’m referring to these three distinct, very important aspects of being. And as such, it is up to me to do what I can to take care of each one. Most times I can manage my physical body pretty well but where I need ongoing support is on the emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Think about it, is there any part of life that is not experienced, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually? These are the channels through which we take life in. So, when ‘a well being is at work’, it’s working on all aspects of our human being. Being well we’re naturally more able to help others, because we have the physical energy and emotional-mental capacity to do so. We’re able to enjoy life so much more and in so many ways.

What about you? In which aspects are you well? Where do you need help and could you use support?

I’m very passionate about this topic and I plan to write more about it. In addition, I’m working on producing a series of informational videos, to be played in medical offices, waiting areas, hospital rooms in order that patients become more actively involved with their own care; exercise, diet, unhealthy habits and so on. I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions regarding your well being, your success’ and challenges. Until then, be well!

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