The world is changing and so are we

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The world is changing and so are we

Everywhere we look we see a world transforming and changing, dramatically and undeniably. Internet and communication technologies are helping to ‘dispel the myth of separation’, evoking levels of empathy and compassion that already exists within each of us.

Exposure to a steady stream of images and information, often in real time, puts us ‘on the ground’ and right into the lives and struggles of our human family.  We are witness, for example, to the transformation taking place throughout the Middle East and North Africa, a struggle for democracy over tyranny, freedom over fear, and the basic right to live a decent and just life.

One Libyan, interviewed by CNN (remotely by cell phone), told of us a call he had received from his brother, telling him to “go quickly, get out” and  take his family, for he was already captured and would soon be killed by Khaddafi sympathizers.

Listening to this man’s story, I know that this man could be me, and that his brother could be my brother. In light of empathy and compassion, can we possibly deny that we are one global family- that this man is me and his brother is my brother!

No longer feeling separate, I am changing

On a more personal level, I realize now that I have spent too much time pretending to be separate and on my own; trying to survive, looking good, or hoping to be well thought of.  I have squandered too many precious opportunities to reach out or dig in, till now. How many of us have fallen into this trap?

Although you might not think that a ‘motivational speaker’ could or would feel this way I did and still do at times.  There are times when we all feel disconnected, alone, anxious and fearful. I need the connection, collaboration and support that I used to think would make me look weak or dependent. I need to be able to identify and transform the ‘illusion of separation’ and the ego’s drive to self protect or ‘go it alone’.

I welcome the help and support that I must have in order to feel grounded, relaxed, and working on the things that are truly important. I look forward to a new level openness and collaboration with others, working to bring more compassion and honest communication to their work, families, community and world.

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  1. Wow Jerry, I totally relate to how you feel and I also struggle with trying to survive and look good. Thank you so much for your honesty; it gives me courage to be honest myself.


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