Gut Buster Moments

We’ve all had them, those deep belly laughs, ‘gut buster’ moments. They feel so good- the best cure for stress and negativity. We need more of them!

Imagine a world in which everyone laughs out loud and uncontrollably at least once a day. I’m talking; ‘please stop, no really please stop you’re killing me’, kind of belly aching laughter that seems to happen so rarely but is so good for us.

Seriously, I’m talking about ‘I haven’t laughed this hard since the time Bob sneezed during the manager’s luncheon with a mouth full of salad, lettuce, carrots and cucumbers flying everywhere. “The forecast for today’s meeting; ‘mostly funny with a good chance mixed greens and thousand island before desert.’

You know your CEO’s socks don’t match some days; I learned from an ‘inside source’ that his boxer’s have teddy bears on them!!

What if agreed that whenever things get too serious or upsetting we declare a time out- put on the funny hat and make our weirdest face? Maybe it’s the face that you haven’t made since you were seven, or perhaps the one you only make when the scotch is 14. You know the one.

In fact, you should make that face right now. Go on, just do it. Bulge your eyes, draw your lips like you’re sucking on a lemon, puff out your cheeks (the ones on your face), go for it!  Look at yourself in the mirror, take it in. Seriously, how can you be upset now?  Now, go show you neighbor in the cubby or office next to you. Show them your funny face and do your crazy dance at the same time.

I have found these techniques can work really well when my wife gets upset with me for say, leaving the house without closing the garage door while she is in the shower, for example. Instead of her getting all upset, face red and flush, blood pressure rising, and me sheepishly squirming or desperately trying to worm my way out of the conflict.  Why not instead go for the funny face and crazy dance?  Sometimes it doesn’t work. But sometimes it does and we wind up laughing at ourselves and feeling better. Isn’t that the point?

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