Transform Yourself Through Journaling

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I had been thinking about keeping a journal for a very long time, years in fact. ‘One day’, I thought, ‘I really will.’ I think I somehow knew the transformative power that expressing myself through writing might have. In fact the few times I tried it I felt really good afterward. Putting pen to paper, or clicking away on the keyboard usually left me feeling a bit clearer with some perspective I would not have had otherwise. Although I liked the feeling of have written a few good pages, I never felt like I could stick with it.

I used to think the problem was that I lacked consistency and discipline. It was NOT! Here’s the secret; simply commit to writing- NOW! Focus on  the process, not the result.

A friend turned me on to the ‘Artists Way’ by Julia Cameron. (She’s awesome. You learn more about her and her accomplishments on line. Ms Cameron has written many books on this subject and has designed a powerful self study course that teaches us how to access our natural creativity through journaling.)  I’ve been journaling three pages a day now for two weeks now and I love it! At first I thought ‘what am I going to say?’ Three pages (writing longhand, no less!) seemed like a lot of writing. Boy was I wrong!

Morning journaling is now a new, necessary habit for healthy living (not unlike like brushing my teeth!) I look forward to using this time to clear my mind, and explore my thoughts and feelings. The writing process has opened my mind to many new ideas. The process has given me an expanded my sense of self and enlarged my vision for what I might want to accomplish in my career. I also think I’m a little more compassionate and easier to live with!

Writing has engaged me with my inner critic. That voice in your head that tells you how worthless you are, that you’re just not good enough or creative enough or anything enough! This is the time in the morning in which I can write and reflect on the good and the bad. “Why did I feel anxious about seeing my son?” “How am I going to build my business, am I on track?” My girlfriend doesn’t understand me!” and so on.

Through the discipline of writing I can acknowledge the critic, debate, argue, and embrace him if necessary. The critic may always be there but I AM THE DIRECTOR! Unblocked by the critic, I have begun to get more in tune with inner voices, voices of intuition, insight and clarity.  For me, this is just the beginning of a new creative process. I don’t know where it will lead me and that’s a good thing!

So far so good, I am feeling more grounded, less reactive and a bit more secure as I uncover and explore my inner world through introspection and writing. This process has opened me to new levels of creativity, I don’t know where this path will take me, but so far I’m really enjoying the ride!

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