Posts made in August, 2010

Transform Yourself Through Journaling

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I had been thinking about keeping a journal for a very long time, years in fact. ‘One day’, I thought, ‘I really will.’ I think I somehow knew the transformative power that expressing myself through writing might have. In fact the few times I tried it I felt really good afterward. Putting pen to paper, or clicking away on the keyboard usually left me feeling a bit clearer with some perspective I would not have had otherwise. Although I liked the feeling of have written a few good pages, I never felt like I could stick with it. I used to think the problem was that I lacked consistency...

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The Machine Doesn’t Care

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We are living in an extraordinary time, in the very infancy of the technological revolution. The breakthroughs and positive benefits of living in our ‘techno-world’ are wide ranging and touch every area of our lives, from communications and entertainment to science and medicine. 21st century technology is also changing our perspectives on what’s possible and our potential to make a difference at home, at work, in our communities, and the world. We also know from our own experience that computers and technological devices, all of which are designed to make us more productive and...

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