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Too Much Stuff?

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The late, great comic George Carlin wrote a very funny bit called ‘a place for my stuff’. He spoke about people needing ‘a place for my stuff’- because they had too much stuff – which then drove the need to have larger and larger places to keep all your stuff – which, naturally led to the need to fill those places with more and more stuff. And so on. These days it seems like I’m feeling ‘stuffed’ not just from food but from everything around me. It seems like a spend a lot of mental energy trying to keep all my stuff organized, sorted, cleaned, or stored. As I write this...

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Peace of Mind by Design

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For me, having peace of mind feels like a kind of calm, quiet, presence. When you observe a stream, for example, you can see how easily, and naturally water flows perfectly around the rocks and other obstacles embedded in that stream. I don’t know of anyone that has not had that experience and doesn’t want more of it. In fact, if you look at what drives much of our behaviors, you find a desire for this kind of transcendent feeling; a longing and seeking to be like the stream, moving in perfect harmony with whatever life deals us. For many of us this is an experience sought after but...

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