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No Matter Our Role, We Can All Be Caregivers

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Recently I led a workshop for the admitting, billing, and collections managers, and staff at Loma Linda University Medical Center.  The focus of the program was centered on improving collections and enhancing customer service.  Just before we ended the workshop, George, an admitting manager, shared that what he took from the program was the idea that “no matter what particular role you have, we could all be caregivers, to patients and to one another.” So that got me thinking, “what if we all thought of ourselves as caregivers? What would that mean and how would that impact the way we...

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Revolutionizing Relationships

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Written by Beth Green, founder of  The Stream,   a non profit spiritual organization based in Bonsall, California. Beth is a consultant to Lifeworks Education and has graciously contributed this article. “Most of us are stuck in what I call horizontal patterns of relating, and it’s time to get vertical. Horizontal relationships are those where we experience ourselves as individuals separate from the universe; feeling alone and fearful, we are unconsciously driven to use one another to meet our needs. Vertical relationships start with our understanding that we are not alone, that we...

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The Dark Side of Leadership

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We all have a leadership role of one form or another. Many of us are leaders in our organizations.  We have management responsibilities that require us to effectively lead people as individuals, in teams, or across the entire enterprise. Some of us hold leadership roles in our communities, churches, homeowners associations, or volunteer groups. And, of course, there are the leadership roles we have at home, as parents, manager’s household budgets, or vacation planners. Like it or not, we are counted on to be effective leaders at work, at home, and in life! Early ‘Leadership’...

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