Posts made in January, 2010

What Am I, A Machine?

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We are living in an extraordinary time-at the beginning of the technological revolution. The impacts of technology and the ensuing explosion of information are profound, pervasive, and irreversible.  According to James Canton, futurist and author of The Extreme Future, … ‘by 2015 there will be more than 50 billion chips that will all be connected into one wireless global network, speaking one language.’ While these computer chips allow us to virtually connect anywhere and anytime, many of us feel disconnected interpersonally.  For those of us old enough to remember what life was like...

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Inhale, Exhale, Email…Tips for effectively handling email

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I guess it was about three years ago that I began my day with my usual routine of checking my email. For whatever reason, on this particular day, I felt sick and totally overwhelmed by so many unanswered, incomplete communications, sitting in my inbox, demanding my attention. My brain hurt. I was dizzy from days, weeks and months of reacting and responding to emails, working on electronic documents, and, in general spending too much face time with plasma screens. It seemed as if my emails were mocking me, “me first…no, me first…but I was here first!” I’m barely beginning my day and...

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